Looking for your admin super star?

Feeling frustrated by the lack support you’re receiving from your existing administrative assistant?

Are your systems a bit sluggish and basic tasks are taking up too much time?

Administrative Assessment

Our Administrative Assessment will assess your systems and provide you with a “Next Steps” report on how you can improve them, we will also be able to identify whether an under-performing administrative assistant is due to a lack of systems or perhaps just the wrong fit .


Ready . . . Set . . .  Hire! Consultation

Our Ready . . . Set . . . Hire! Consultation includes up to 2 hours consultation via Skype, phone or in person and It’s Your Time tools that will ensure your first or next hire goes smoothly.  We will review what your obligations are as an employer, ensure you’re set up for payroll and tax remitting and discuss various options and responsibilities as an employer.

Compensation Research

If you are getting ready to make that important first hire or if you want to ensure that the compensation you are currently offering is competitive, we can do the research for you.  Our standard Compensation Research package includes:  Cost of Living, fair wage vs competitive wage, benefits and required licensing.

Job Posting

When you don’t have time to research where to post nor have the time to start posting on multiple sites, let us do the work for you.  Our standard package includes:  researching industry specific boards and posting to up to 3 key boards.

Ready . . . Set . . .  Hire!

Searching for that all-star admin assistant?  With our Ready . . . Set . . . Hire! package, we assess your current procedures and systems and then fill in the gaps to ensure that you have the tools in place for greatest success with your newest Admin Assistant.  Once you’ve hired your dream assistant we will train him/her to achieve peak performance.

Hiring the right candidate can be tricky; there are people who’s whole career is centered around this important task.  For our clients who would like support in this area, we work with a variety of professionals who can assist in this process, from creating employee profiles, job descriptions and more.

Short-listing, phone interviews and more

Let us do the legwork in finding your next super star.  We can post your job, accept resumes, short list (based on your criteria), conduct fact checking or more in-depth telephone interviews and more.

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