It's Your Time

Can't Remember Your Password?


How many times have you had to hit “Forgot Password” and then had to go through the whole process of re-creating a password for one of your multiple online accounts? Most of us have been locked out of our own accounts due to multiple attempts to login. The result of this password frustration usually results in one of two scenarios:

1. a piece of paper or post-it notes all over your desk with this confidential information written down
2. you use the same password all the time

Neither of these scenarios is secure and with very little effort someone could suddenly take over your accounts and life.

At It’s Your Time, we not only have to remember our passwords but many of our clients passwords as well. To ensure our data, and our clients’ data is secure we make use of KeePass.

KeePass is a free program that you can download
here. At it’s most basic level it will allow you to store your user names and passwords securely in it’s encrypted program that can only be accessed with you master password. With one quick download you will move from having to remember multiple passwords to having to remember one secure password!

Some of the great features of KeePass include the ability to include a links to the associated websites, copy and paste functions to move things along even faster.

If you are having password issues then definitely check out this program. If you want some help getting set up,
contact us and we can get you into password heaven in very short order!

- Amanda Mungal