It's Your Time

A Habit of Thanks

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Everyday I try to take a moment to give thanks for all of my blessings.  When the sun is shining and things are going my way this is a no brainer activity.  However, it becomes an essential activity on the third day of rain and I’m hitting some speed bumps.  

Each day I give thanks for my perfect son Jack, a loving and supportive husband, wonderful, kind and interesting clients, supportive friends, doing something I love everyday and you get the picture.  This habit becomes increasingly important when I’m going through various growing pains whether personal (trying to figure out this whole new mom thing while running a business) or professional (expanding It’s Your Time).  

As we approach Thanksgiving and our minds turn to turkey and all of our blessings, I recommend using this time to start a habit of giving thanks.  Try it while brushing your teeth.  Look at that foamy mouth in the mirror and give thanks.  At first you may draw a blank or you may surprise yourself with a long list.  Whatever your initial experience, I guarantee your day will start with a better tone and over time even a pessimist might start feeling optimistic!

In preparation for your full turkey belly - gobble gobble!