It's Your Time

Delegating - Part 1

Most small business owners know that their plates are too full and that they need help but the idea of handing over responsibility for any piece of their business is paralyzing: even if they knew where to start.
Effective delegation is much more than handing someone a shopping list of tasks and it often requires some time on the front-end to ensure long-term success.  

Ensuring that you’re handing off the right pieces of your business can be assisted with the following exercise.  On a piece of paper daw two perpendicular lines forming 4 quadrants (think of a “t”).  On the horizontal line write “low skill” on the left and “high skill” on the right.  On the vertical line write “high pleasure” on the top and “low pleasure” on the bottom.

Take 10 minutes to brainstorm and write down all the pieces of your business in the appropriate quadrants.  Example:  filing-low skill/low pleasure.

Those items that fall into low pleasure low skill will be the first you want to delegate; followed by low pleasure high skill, and high pleasure low skill, I’m sure you get the idea.

One concern raised by many business owners is that they feel uncomfortable delegating low pleasure tasks “it seems unfair to ask someone to do something I don’t want to do” but don’t forget everyone has different strengths.  Chances are very high that something you can’t stand doing is someone else’s strength.

I like to call your low skill low pleasure items the “low-hanging fruit of delegation.”  Think of the people that are either already on your team or who might want to bring on to your team who can handle these tasks for you.  An Executive Support Consultant can likely take on all or most of these tasks for you; but more importantly she can likely help you set up the system to ensure this is a seamless process going forward and better enable you to tackle the next level of delegation.