It's Your Time

Who's On Your Team


Isn’t spring wonderful! The days are getting longer, the crocuses have already popped their heads through the soil and tulips are well on their way. Many of us get the urge to throw open the windows and let the breezes blow through our homes as we clear away the cobwebs and clutter of winter.

Now is an excellent time to harness this burst of energy and de-clutter our businesses. I have been working with Andrea Jacques from
Kyosei Consulting and in just two short sessions she has helped me clear a lot of the clutter that was holding me back and I feel as if my focus has become laser-like.

As business owners we are often straddling the roles of widget maker, manager, leader, bookkeeper, administrative assistant and even janitor. Typically entrepreneurs are also ideas people so while fulfilling all of these roles our heads are bursting with all the possibilities and places we could take our businesses. All of these tasks and lists and ideas can keep us really busy running on the spot.

I recently attended the
eWomenNetwork 3rd Annual Women’s Success Summit and listened to Sandra Yancey talk about what it takes to get to that next step. She talked about the importance of a great team and clarified that this team was not your team of girl friends or fellow entrepreneurs. She said every great entrepreneur needs a great bookkeeper, a great business coach and a great marketing person and a great assistant.

Creating your great team will go a long way to helping you de-clutter and gain focus as you delegate the books to your bookkeeper, gain focus with your coach, talk strategy and hone your message with your marketing expert and delegate your ever growing to-do list to your assistant.

Your time is valuable and should be spent building your business and doing what you love. Who is on your team?

Stop Recreating the Wheel & Start Moving Forward


How many times have you sat down to send follow-up emails after a networking event or to reach out to a referral and stared at your screen not sure where to start?  It’s not like you don’t know your own business but this is your first (and possibly only) impression and you want to make sure it’s great. 
Five, ten, possibly 30 minutes later you’ve crafted that fabulous email and are either tired, frustrated or have run out of time and can’t finish getting through that stack of cards.  The answer is not to send short and sweet and totally uninformative emails.
It is time to create an email template.   Instead of spending 5 – 30 minutes per email, put aside 1 hour this week to craft a fabulous follow up email or two.  Craft one for hot contacts and one for “nice to have met you” contacts.
The email should start by mentioning where you met them and how nice it was.  This sentence can include a comment on their business or some piece of your conversation with them.  Next, provide them with a short, interesting overview of what you do and what makes you unique.  Finally follow up with a call to action.
Here’s an example.
Dear X
It was great meeting you at Y event last week, [insert personal anecdote].  Your business is [insert relevant insight].
I hoped to take a quick moment to let you know a bit more about my services and who I am looking to connect with.  [This is where your 1 – 2 sentence exciting biz overview should go].
I regularly come into contact with so many people that I would love to get together with you for a coffee to learn more about your business so that I could pass on your name appropriately within my network.  Do you have availability next week?
All the best,
If you would like help creating some email templates for everything from follow-up emails to new client outreach contact us today and we would be happy to help.

- Amanda Mungal