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Leave It To Me

Hearing the name “Leave It To Me” has many people thinking exactly that! “What is it that I can leave to this team?”  I am truly privileged to work with such a wide variety of people and meet such a wide variety of needs daily and it amazes me just how many things people can Leave To Me.

Whether you walk upright on two legs or are furry with four legs, I enjoy getting to know everyone I work with.  There are tons of warm & loving homes in Vancouver that need attention when the owners are out of town or just too busy to deal with the small details.  Some homes have animals, plants or gardens to be tended while their owners are out of town.  Still others need to be visited to take in mail, papers etc. .

Each client has the option to forward a grocery list and if not required every client will return from their travels to a warm, well lit home with a loaf of homemade South African bread.

If your needs fall into the everyday “my life is just so busy category” we help families and busy singles get all the tasks done, whether it’s walking your dog, picking up your dry-cleaning, hiring a house-keeper, waiting for the service person, picking up your groceries and more.  

Whatever the task, big or small, I see it as a blessing to be able to help . . . so please feel free to Leave It To Me.